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Rental Terms

The minimum rental period is one day. Equipment must be returned by 11:00 a.m. to avoid any additional charges. Equipment may be picked up the day prior to the rental period after 2:00 p.m. Equipment pickup and delivery is available for most areas in San Diego during normal business hours; however, additional charges apply.

Damaged Equipment

All equipment is rented in good condition and is to be returned in the same condition with normal wear and tear expected. Any necessary repair work shall be paid by renter. If equipment is damaged beyond repair, renter shall pay full replacement price.


If a vehicle is rented, the vehicle must be accompanied by an approved driver as determined by Current Waves Lighting Service. The driver may also serve as a working crew member.


Please immediately contact me if you need to cancel your rental. A 24-hour notice is required to avoid additional charges.


All units are furnished with globes unless otherwise specified. Units rented with globes are furnished with spare globes at my discretion for no additional cost. No charge for burnouts if globe is returned and shows normal use.


Prices listed in this catalog reflect a daily rental rate. Certain prices are subject to change prior to to the release of equipment. Quotes on specific equipment packages are available upon request.


Lessees shall provide their own insurance to cover the retail value of the equipment for all loss and damage. Rental cost will not be deducted from replacement cost. Certificates of insurance, or verification from the insurance company that a certificate is forthcoming, must be made available to Current Waves Lighting Service prior to the release of equipment with the following coverage.

Miscellaneous Equipment Coverage

Minimums shall vary according to the value of the total equipment rented and shall not be less than full value of the total equipment rented. Coverage must include all listed equipment for all risk perils and contain a loss payable clause endorsement.

General Liability Coverage

Minimum of $1,000,000.00 combined single limits, bodily injury, and property damage coverage is to be maintained for the term of the rental. Current Waves Lighting Service is to be named as additional insured with respect to the rental of this equipment during the term of the rental agreement.


Current Waves Lighting Service is in no way responsible for any liabilities, claims, costs, or expenses arising out of the use or possession of its equipment. My equipment is offered for inspection and testing at the time of rental.

General Terms

The lessee agrees to pay the rental price for equipment rented. Should said equipment, or any part thereof, be lost, damaged, or destroyed by fire, casualty of any kind, act of god or other act or accident, the lessee agrees to pay the full replacement value of the equipment as well as all accrued rental value. Rent shall be due whether or not such loss has occurred. Obligation to pay rent shall only cease at point of payment for all losses suffered by lessor.

The lessee agrees to and does hereby hold Current Waves Lighting Service (Lessor), its agents, and employees harmless of any and all forms of losses, damages, claims, and demands of liability of any kind or nature, including legal expenses, arising from the use, condition (including without limitation to latent and other defects) or operation of the equipment rented by force and effect during the rental term. The indemnification shall continue in full during the term of the rental.